All Write Now

Enjoy your creative power and honor your heart’s desire with All Write Now; writing circles and workshops that inspire poetic living (witnessing your life and world with courage, playfulness and words).  Forget about grades and critiques and a red pen!  You will receive Poetic License from the beginning:

  1. You may break the rules of any exercise

  2. You may, when the need arises, use “bad” grammar, spell incorrectly, begin in the middle, leave your work unfinished etc.

  3. You may write in collaboration with your neighbor.

  4. You may be silly or meaningless.  There is no need to be profound or literary.

  5. You may tell “lies”, and exaggerate.

  6. You may speak to things and flowers and animals and strangers and to yourself.  You may speak for them.  You may speak to the invisible.

  7. You may be personal and “subjective” and sentimental – a participator and exclaimer as well as the detached observer and reporter.

  8. You may enjoy yourself.

Poetic License adapted from work by poet, Paul Matthews.



With All Write Now, I was among trusted friends on a journey through loss, laughter, longing and the recovery of my artistic self…writing led me to a richer life that has proven more worthy of living. All Write Now participant, January 2010



Sharon Elliott

Atlantic Beach, Florida (on the east coast near Jacksonville)