I’ve heard that the soul takes a circuitous route. . .  I graduated with a master’s degree in social work at the University of Louisville in 1983, then worked for seventeen years as a counselor in chemical dependency, mental health and wellness. 

After a chance encounter with a book called Soul and the World  by Robert Sardello, I began studying Spiritual Psychology.  Much to my surprise, I began to write in different way.  I had been a sporadic journal writer, more a whiner than a writer.  My notes now sounded more like poetry.  I was fascinated at the potential of writing to by-pass critical thoughts and get underneath to a voice that was kind, real, and “with it”.  

In my community at the time, there was a local initiative to start a Waldorf school.  Waldorf emphasizes that the teacher be present in a whole-hearted way and also emphasizes imagination and free play for children as the foundation for being wholly present and competent in the world.   I completed a program in Waldorf Early Childhood Education at Sunbridge College and worked for five years at the school as a founding teacher and administrator. 

I wanted to work with adults again. With the book by poet, Paul Matthews, Sing Me the Creation, I was able to open imagination in a new way for adults through writing groups. The free play is with language.   There is a language of the heart and when together in a circle with agreement to work from the heart, magic happens.



Sharon Elliott

Atlantic Beach, Florida (on the east coast near Jacksonville)