FullSizeRender (3)What if you’re also watching me, making yourself flexible to peer around every corner observing the world and being observed.  What if the way you look expresses who you are, strong and flexible with powerful perfumed flowers like words arranged in sentences held in a diagram of green stem with conversations, messages and hallelujahs from tiny bugle flowers.  What if you are an experiment of light and air and earth and water and my blood vessels are fashioned like your vine, long and flexible and beautiful with hallelujah messages for every stop along this many faceted marvel that is my body.  I am grateful for your prototype of vine to vessel;  Spring to the body that is listening…

I am strong, quiet and flexible

I am from Kentucky

I am from a dysfunctional civil war family

My great, great-grandmother loves me dearly and prays for me daily

I am made of blood vessels that sing hallelujah along every stop inside my body

I am made of gratitude in the moment

I am made of my mother’s gaze and my children’s love

I am made of the breath of the women who sit in circle with me

I am truly hilarious but I sometimes forget to laugh

I am made of jasmine vine and flowers and perfume

I am made of poetry and imagination and standing hand in hand.