I woke up this morning with this phrase, “choose ease over strain”.  I love the lines in the movie, The Family Stone where Luke Wilson’s character tells Sarah Jessica Parker’s character to “stop trying”.  It is a similar message.

Choosing ease doesn’t mean you just sit around.  Your actions come from an inner, cleaner response not from “shoulds” or “trying”.   You feel yourself within a centered, middle, heart space where the physical is imbued with the spiritual.  It is a doing and being that is difficult to put into words – so of course I wrote the words that came and share some of them here.

Choose ease over strain
be fueled, not drained

Life’s not a set of things

It’s a path to walk on a space to move in listen in and respond from–

Relax, don’t tax your mind or your heart you have a part within the whole – let the focus go

You have eyes in your hands and your feet who knows who you’ll meet in this space, grace walks in.