flickr-3833721848-original[1]I am feeling the quiet space of the Holy Nights, also known as the twelve days of Christmas or in Pre-Christian times as the days when the sun’s light is dimmest and one is encouraged to nourish an inner light.  This poem I wrote a few weeks ago might be the right one for 2013.  It seems to sum it all up for me as 2012 is ending and 2013 is beginning.  Happy New Year! 

Maybe, I’m mutating.  Maybe, something’s gestating,

making a nap seem so sublime taking all my time

in quiet repose. 

Do you suppose that something new is waiting to be born?

Is a caterpillar forlorn

when it hangs in the “j” and then is covered in green?

How does it feel to be a melted being?

Do you know you’re waiting, not just hesitating and feeling ashamed,

instead of the quiet before taking aim – – before hitting the mark?


the future’s not stark


in the dark

there’s nothing wrong

maybe a new kind of strong

is incubating, updating, resonating.

Maybe I’m

m    u     t     a     t     i     n     g

photo by Ernst Vikne on Flickr