The dragonflies are back.  They filled our front yard this weekend and yesterday as I walked to a workshop on the local college campus, they filled the spaces between the buildings.  The dragonfly is a symbol of transmutation.  They live the first part of their lives underwater, in the mud.  Till one day they climb up a stem and become a totally new creature.

I have been thinking of the writing circles as a creative writing class that has climbed out on the stem.   Just as the air works on the sylph to become a dragonfly, we allow the four elements of earth, water, air and fire to work with us as we write.  The elements and our heart coherence activates something within us and we each give voice in our own unique way.

We are in a co-creative writing field.  The rugged individual, the competitive edge, the “no sharing your paper with your neighbor” is mutating to the courageous individual – radically honest, transparent and true. The competitive edge is now the artistic edge – finding your own edge, the exhilarating ground of your own being that is found through open-hearted inquiry with others and with your Soul on the page.  Finally, we SHARE with each other — through the HEART, we create true community (a gathering of INDIVIDUALS who create a coherent WHOLE).

In our co-creative writing, with each other, with nature, with our dreams and with the synchronicities of our lives – we are in the FLOW and we know it.