Recently in a conversation with my friend, I surprised myself when I used the words tender and powerful to describe the time of pregnancy and early mothering.  A pregnant woman is so tender; she can’t go about “business as usual”.  She slows down, eats nutritious food, and gets plenty of rest.  Her body in its wisdom, magically gestates a marvelous being.   She is powerful as she surrenders to this slower pace, she births a new being into the world and she is changed.

My experience with pregnancy and giving birth gave me an awareness (a feeling knowing) of the wisdom of the body and the connection I have to the divine.  By divine, I mean, an invisible source of life; much like the way invisible electricity moves through the cord of a lamp, except it is a LOT juicier!  I call this force Wisdom Sophia and I invite every woman to explore a name or image that resonates with her own inner knowing.

During pregnancy and childbirth it was as if all the pieces of me were thrown up into the air and I had a choice in how they were put back together!  I was no longer the same person, I could choose to put myself back together using a familiar pattern or I could make some changes.   I was connected to the power of the Divine Feminine.

So, it strikes me that being a woman is tender and powerful and actually being human is tender and powerful.  Such a vulnerable place, being in a body with this invisible life force running through us.  We want to stay alive and we find all kinds of ways to protect ourselves.

As a species we are going through a similar kind of change now.  We are in labor – all the old ways don’t work.  We can’t, as I suggested with my first pregnancy in labor at the hospital, go home and stay pregnant for the rest of our lives.  We can give birth to something new.  All the pieces have been thrown up in the air and we have a choice in how we put it back together.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t do it – the Feminine has to be involved with her inner knowing about tenderness and power.  We cannot force a solution.  The wise know that it is the softest touch that helps life to open up.

Photo by Patrick Oualid