We are the butterfly in flight.  Something vital is lost when the butterfly is pinned to the display.  The feminine way of paying attention to what has heart and meaning might mean that life slows its pace and we find ourselves moving to the beat of a different drummer.  When we are on this path, we usually notice synchronistic happenings that unfold without “efforting”.  The effort usually comes when we are trying to fit back into an old mold that no longer fits – like a butterfly trying to fit back into a cocoon.

Last weekend I met a young woman who had recently given birth – she spoke of herself as changed.  She was noticing the many areas of her life where she felt different.  I was very moved by the encounter.  And this morning after my writing time, I ran into a friend who is dedicated to the needs of expecting and new mothers.  Together, “out of the blue” (a saying that always assures me that a feminine way of knowing is present) we decided to offer a writing circle experience for new and expecting mothers.

Here is a piece that opened up a few days ago that speaks in a different way to what I just shared:

It is time to come undone, unpinned, unhinged

to break free, to be, to express yourself

to speak your yes and your no, your stop and go

Let it flow, get in the flow, then you’ll know

no figuring out, no way out but through

So follow through, follow the thread,

get out of your head; it will tell you no and say it isn’t so


You’ve blown your mind, keep blowing, keep going

don’t stop now, keep flowing, you are in the flow, in the flying, butterfly flying

Butterflies fly and writers write, be in the verb, find your nerve, your verve,

its not a mistake, double take, yes the woman in the mirror is you, the one whose eyes speak true, “You are going crazy”, she says.

Take heart, this “crazy” is about going against the status quo, breaking out of the rules you know a butterfly can’t go back to caterpillar.  So be aware, find a sister to share, create a space, a sacred place – together.

* quote from my daughter, Carrie Lee Ferguson, after giving birth to her daughter.

Break the rules and write today – no worries about spelling or grammar or who your audience is — as Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests, instead of asking, “What’s wrong with me?” ask “What is wanting to emerge?”