At an artist friend’s house the other day, I noticed a little bird made of straw that was perched on the windowsill as if it was looking out at the garden, observing.  I was so struck by the simple beauty and positioning.   When I got home, I wrote about the little bird from the perspective of “it” and “you” and then let it speak with “I”.

As a writing practice, I often suggest, “noticing what you notice” and then writing about it.  My noticing, helped me to acknowledge my appreciation of gentleness and quiet observation.  So today, when I got to the pharmacy to fill a prescription and realized I had left the script on the table at home, I remembered the feeling of gentleness and quiet observation and quietly drove back home without a harsh word.


It looks out the window sitting

on the sill keeping her

company as she watches. 

Its straw tail feathers    beautiful. 

From its perch here    it faces

the world sitting in silence, choosing

to stay in the presence of the woman who

bathes the atmosphere with gentleness.


You stand on the sill,

silent and still,

looking out on the garden,

the bees hum, the flowers grow

imperceptibly and I see

the kindness of the woman who

gave you your perch.


I am quiet,

I am loved,

I am beautiful. 

My presence speaks to

the artist who lives here.