My favorite date on the calendar happens in March; it is the only date that creates a complete sentence. Though it is spelled “f o u r t h”, to me it speaks, “March forth!”

This March 4th as I was considering my intention around my work with writing groups and workshops, an inner image came.  I was tapping back to the thrill I had when I wrote those first poems at the Sophia Conference when I was filled with inspiration AND angst.

The image was of a person rising out of a box and then standing on the box with a new perspective and the thrill of freedom. I remembered feeling myself as a point of consciousness that is in communication with soul and spirit.  I felt that each of us is a conduit for that powerful spirit. My intention is to create opportunities for others to experience this connection and through that connection bring who they uniquely are into the world.

Writing Exercise: I took my own advice and circled some words from the above piece and wrote something new.  It came out like a poem; imagine that!

Unbox yourself

Rise up, wake up

Don’t button up

or batten down the hatches

Unlatch the latches

Walk out, shout

and trill to the thrill

of being uniquely you!

A conduit, open to it

Spirit runs through it

Its your cup, fill it up

Fountain flowing

surrender knowing

Listen as the Soul

friend speaks.