I have been writing and deleting this post for months.  In the middle of this summer, my dear friend, Flo; my inspiration for “Go with the Flo”, the one I often quote saying, “I will not should on myself today” was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Flo has been my mentor and spiritual mother for more than twenty years. We spent some months together ministering to the physical and honoring the spiritual connection.  

She is like air to me – always there so I forget how much I need her – I sink into her lap, like the great green of Ireland, she welcomes and empowers me”.

On my birthday in August my friend and colleague, Woody Winfree, created a birthday ritual to honor my 56th year, a celebration of 7 sets of 7.  We honored what lives and weaves between friends – the invisible heart connections that continue beyond death. Though Flo was in Hospice her presence was felt and she continues to be a part of my life in new and subtle ways.  She passed away on September 6th, 2010.  And today, this hallowed eve, when the veil between the two worlds is said to be thinnest, I find the courage to write and send these words of love. 

I wrote the following with the “Soul Stories” circle and David Whyte’s poem, Sweet Darkness and the night sky for inspiration.  The people in the circle encouraged me to post it – thank you, Marilyn, MaryAnne, and Nancy.

Sometimes it takes the moon in the night sky to remind me

I am held by something larger

I have room to breathe, room to grow

room to be more than whom I take myself to be

Tonight the moon and venus are in relationship, in conversation

“Look someone is noticing us, talking about us

Look someone knows the world is bigger than she’s been told

big enough to hold the joy and the sorrow

big enough for a dissident daughter.

See how we minister with the dark cloth of night.”

Finally, words that Flo loved from John O’Donohue’s, Beannacht, “and so may a slow wind work these words of love around you an invisible cloak to mind your life.”   Blessings