Our Summer Writing Retreat happened under a tin roof pavilion, home to a labyrinth.   As the rain hammered above we were surrounded in the wet greenness.  These were the words evoked and offered by the gathered participants:  viriditas, journey, sacred, sorrow, clarity, rolling wonder, connection, stillness, magical playmates, community, freedom, peace, and gratitude.  As I often do, I used the words in a piece of free verse writing.

On a sacred journey,

you may bring your sorrow

Pack it in your suitcase

When you arrive, unpack your bag

in a new place

of cloud and rain and rolling wonder

Watch from your wet window

as viriditas opens

in vibrant greenness

of leaf and bud

and grassy spiral path

Sense your connection in the stillness

Hear the voice of magical playmates

calling you to community

Walk out in freedom

You will find peace

and gratitude

as sorrow breaks open to clarity

you find your way through.

Magical Playmates

After walking the labyrinth and writing, artist, Lynne Harter, created an artistic response of thanks to the place.   Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, she used natural materials found on the site.  Other participants also found there own artistic expression in the place.  Thanks to St. Francis in the Field Church  for creating and maintaining this inspiring place.  In October, we will gather there again for walking, writing and artistic response.

Artist, Lynne Harter