At this moment, women are being asked to stand in their power. Not to stand against something, not even to stand for something, but to stand in the energy of the Divine Feminine, an alignment where the polarity of for and against comes to rest.   Lucia Rene’

In the writing circles, Inventing the Rest of Our Lives and Art and Soul, we practiced standing on the earth in this way and then wrote about the experience.  Below is the piece that came from this exercise for me – I was surprised by the reference to the goddess, Kali.  I had just learned of her from my Vermont yoga teacher, Lydia Russell.  She inspired us all after her recent study with Douglas Brooks. 

A Woman Standing on the Earth

I am connected

to the source of power

to the molten fire that flows

at the center of the earth


Tumbling rolling

Calmly, slowly,

continuing regardless

of what happens on the surface


I feel the coolness of the breeze

even a slap to the face

still, I am unbruised,

unchanged at this fiery core


Here is the source of equanimity

ever present, always stable

Here is the goddess Kali

eating whatever happens


teaching me to take it all in

nourishing this fire

this source of power

here, where I stand

So try it – stand with both feet on the ground, knees slightly bent, take several deep breaths and just be there for a while – consciously connecting with energy of the Divine Feminine.  Then take some time to write – stream of consciousness – about what comes.  Let it flow, no erasing or scratching out as you go – you can edit it later if you like.  Email me with your results, or post on the comments….