There are a few modern women authors who have been such a part of my spiritual/emotional maturing process that I feel they are friends.  Of course I might be a bit starstruck if they actually did show up at my kitchen table. They are a diverse group with very different voices and still a similar message of love, forgiveness and feminine wisdom.  Included are Sue Monk Kidd, Marianne Williamson,  Linda Schierse Leonard and Karen Armstrong


A few mornings ago, Karen Armstrong did show up.  I’m not sure how it started.  My husband and I did a search for something on the internet and found her speaking on one of my favorite websites, ted.com. (Technology, Entertainment and Design: ideas worth sharing).   She was speaking about the golden rule and her recent award by TED to create a charter for compassion. 


Carrie and I quoted Karen’s research on compassion in the last chapter of our book. So I was especially curious as to what she is up to now.  She is an amazing woman with an English accent that sounds like my friend, Kate  doing an impression of a member of British royalty.   She is one of those ordinary women accomplishing extraordinary things, a real inspiration. 


Here is the link to hear Karen Armstrong on ted.com http://www.ted.com/talks/karen_armstrong_makes_her_ted_prize_wish_the_charter_for_compassion.html


Then you can join me and Eve Ensler, Melissa Ethridge and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and sign the Charter for Compassion at the following link.  http://charterforcompassion.org/