What happens when a group of women in the second half of life get together?  Do you imagine a quilting bee or a little gossip and reminiscing at the kitchen table?   Think again – these women are rowdy and raucous and imaginative and beautiful and mighty!  Over twelve months, we took a look at ourselves, our own generation and the ones coming after us.

Here are the messages that came through our final group exercise of 2009 – it was one of those where each person writes a line not knowing what lines came before or after,  so each affirmation had four secret authors…

Messages from Morning Goddesses

Now that I see, I will listen and watch closely and speak and write because I am privy to internal knowing.

Now that I see myself, I will release imagined bindings that no longer serve me and let go what no longer works because sisterhood is what it’s all about!

Now that I know how to make the sausage, I will follow my heart and make peace because this is what makes me whole and complete.

Now that I am powerful, wealthy and free, I will feel comfortable in my own skin and cherish the lessons learned because of my inner knowing.

Now that I am re-framing reality, I will pass the recipe for success to the next generation and enjoy the new me because I am a mighty female!

News from the Nighttime Goddesses

Now that I’ve got the guts to, I will let all the coyotes go free and show up for something new because I am the beauty I have been waiting for.

Now that I am giving and receiving at the same time, I will propel myself into possibilities and let the chips fall where they may because women are the gift!

Now that I am a wild woman, I will give myself fully to the dance and I will look into my mirror because I am and always have been the Goddess.

Now that I have a cozy cottage, I will take flight and it feels great to be free to fly, soar and sing because that is who I am today.

Now that I am a dancing goddess, I will get a snack, a drink, a car and I’m coming through because I want to!

Now that I no longer feel the need for a bra, I will make room for me and run naked in the park because after all I am luscious and I don’t give a damn who notices!

Now that I am a Goddess, I will refuse to go by silly rules and I will yip and yap and boogie woogey because I am open to the Magic!

We will continue in 2010 with a morning and evening session on the third Thursday of the month.  There will be a few openings for new participants – so contact sharon@sharonelliott.com if you are interested in joining.