On Sunday, December 13th, eleven women gathered at Renaissance Healing Center for a mini retreat.  We took time to enter the silence of the season and with poetic license, wrote and laughed and inspired each other.

The following is a blessing poem created with words from the day’s writings.  Each person contributed one line.

Standing under the window,

May we know we are both the observer

and the observed

May we seek new knowledge

and remember old

May we be clear and centered

May we be rooted in the tree of life,

shimmering leaves, flowing grace

May we be strong and delicate in our interactions

with others

May we learn from the darkness, embrace it,

then move forward into the light

May we have clarity where we are

and where we are going

May we be our true selves, whomever that may be

May we grow and grow and grow

May we go forth with our crayons

and draw something.

May we know we are one.

January’s mini-retreat will also be at Renaissance Healing Center on Sunday the 10th, 2:00 – 4:30 pm.   In the first month of 2010, will work/play with image and word to step into the new year with creativity and authenticity.