Sharon Elliott, MSSW is a corporate speaker, writing circle facilitator and everyday poet.  Reminding us of our connection with nature and each other, inner wisdom is enlivened and wholehearted living inspired. 

Sharon is commited to creating learning environments that support social/emotional intelligence.  She believes that creativity, initiative and cooperation can be enhanced in adulthood.  As a writer and mother she draws from a deep well of experience and encourages each of us to tap into our own sources of strength and wisdom.    In 2008 she co-authored, A Child’s Way: Slowing Down for Goodness Sake, with her daughter, Carrie Ferguson.   

My Daughter’s Hair
I’ve heard that everything is sacred
a divine spark lives in every atom
A sacred act of combing my daughter’s hair
golden strands captured in the braid
The Divine Mother waits patiently
As I breathe and weave
She dances playfully
on the shimmer of my daughter’s hair.
                              Sharon Elliott


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